It is my job to transform your words into accurate, articulate English so that you can communicate clearly and concisely with your audience.


I translate texts from French or Spanish into English. I specialise in texts related to tourism, food and drink, hospitality and furniture.

I also have experience in translating scientific texts, research articles, conference papers, policy documents, patents, business and administration texts, press releases, press articles, non-fiction literature and children’s fiction.


  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar and typing mistakes detected
  • Consistent language and formatting
  • Ensure publication-ready document

Editing and MTPE

  • Quality of writing improved
  • Language use enhanced
  • Expressions clearer
  • Errors and inconsistencies removed
  • Ensure your text has maximum impact


“Real writing happens during the revision stage. That’s when words, sentences, ideas, style, and voice are carefully crafted together into a cohesive and expressive whole.”

Marcia Thornton Jones


  • Transcription transforms audio files into written text
  • Transcription of English files
  • Transcription of French to English
  • Transcription of Spanish to English


  • English Subtitling
  • Spanish to English Subtitling
  • French to English Subtitling


“Thank you for your dedication and enthusiastic support of our mission to increase access to information and knowledge across all languages.”

— TWB Community Management Team

“Thank you so much for your very quick turn around time! We are more than grateful for your commitment and the high quality of your work. […] It shows an excellent quality. Thank you again for your ongoing commitment and professionalism.”

— Johannes Butscher, Global Call to Action Against Poverty

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