It is my job to transform your words into accurate, articulate English so that you can communicate clearly and concisely with your audience.


I translate texts from French or Spanish into English. I specialise in texts related to tourism, food and drink, hospitality and furniture.

I also have experience in translating scientific texts, research articles, conference papers, policy documents, patents, business and administration texts, press releases, press articles, non-fiction literature and children’s fiction.


  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar and typing mistakes detected
  • Consistent language and formatting
  • Ensure publication-ready document

Editing and MTPE

  • Quality of writing improved
  • Language use enhanced
  • Expressions clearer
  • Errors and inconsistencies removed
  • Ensure your text has maximum impact


“Real writing happens during the revision stage. That’s when words, sentences, ideas, style, and voice are carefully crafted together into a cohesive and expressive whole.”

Marcia Thornton Jones


  • Transcription transforms audio files into written text
  • Transcription of English files
  • Transcription of French to English
  • Transcription of Spanish to English


  • English Subtitling
  • Spanish to English Subtitling
  • French to English Subtitling


“Thank you for your dedication and enthusiastic support of our mission to increase access to information and knowledge across all languages.”

TWB Community Management Team

“Catherine is a true translation professional, we are delighted with her work. On the one hand, she is methodical and carries out the necessary research to find out about the topic and adapts the translation in the best way possible into English. If she has any queries, she writes quickly to clear them up. She accepts revisions very well because there is open and fluent communication. She rigorously completes work within deadlines. Ultimately, her work is of good quality and she takes time to nurture the business relationship. We are lucky to work with her!”


“Thank you so much for your very quick turn around time! We are more than grateful for your commitment and the high quality of your work. […] It shows an excellent quality. Thank you again for your ongoing commitment and professionalism.”

Johannes Butscher, Global Call to Action Against Poverty
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